Wednesday, August 1, 2012

APP Envy

I so have app envy!  There are many creative and educational apps that would be beneficial for use in the classroom as a way of creating a quick assessment or as a final product.  The apps are quick to learn and could be used spontaneously even when there isn't t a lot of time available with the convenience of the smaller device.  Alas, my district is cautiously waiting before leaping into the iPad frenzy so the chance of using any of these with staff or students is nil for the time being.  In the meantime, I am curating a list of apps that will be undoubtedly outdated by the time I have the chance to deploy them!  I am including a few links that may be of interest to those of you who do have iPads.

60 Educational Apps in 60 Minutes
 The iPad As
75 Classroom Apps in a Snap grades 6-12
iPads in the ELA Classroom
Lisa N.


  1. This is awesome. I am going to get a class set of Ipods so I am very excited about what you posted! I will definitely use this!

  2. Lisa,

    What happened to that large sum of money your district just got for technology? I thought iPads were on your way.

    1. The technology money is going somewhere...just not to middle schools or libraries. :(

  3. This prezi was awesome! So glad I had my iPad out with me so I could download them as I was reading about each one! So cool.

  4. I agree with you Lisa - I was so jealous while sitting in on this presentation. Our district is going through some growing pains and wants to invest in some new technology but also needs to invest in expanding to meet our numbers. I emailed my husband during this session and told him that I would really like an ipad at least for our house. I was just thinking of all the ways my kids could use these free apps to help them study.

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